Last Modified: August 19, 2021

These Community Guidelines set forth the type of conduct and decorum expected of all participants of the SuperRare digital art community. The SuperRare team is dedicated to building an ecosystem that empowers artists and collectors to connect with one another, collaborate, and participate in a new, natively digital art economy. But we cannot do it without your help. In the interest of keeping this community an open environment and ensuring the economic growth of the SuperRare marketplace, we’ve put together these Community Guidelines to help foster a Platform that can support all of us as creators, art enthusiasts, and friends.

<aside> ⚠️ Your use of the SuperRare Platform is strictly subject to these Community Guidelines and the official SuperRare Labs Terms of Service found here.


We’re asking you to:

Respect Other Community Members.

A strong community is built on respect, so please keep all conversations civil and constructive. The crypto art community by and large is filled with artists and collectors who celebrate, inspire, and mentor creativity, talent, and innovation. We understand that like most crypto and art communities, the SuperRare community is not without disagreement or debate. Keep all discourse civil, open-minded, and respectful.

Avoid Harassment, Hate Speech, and Violence.

Do not harass, bully, impersonate, or intimidate anyone in the SuperRare community. SuperRare has a zero-tolerance policy towards attacking or harassing a person or group based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. We will not tolerate users who persistently harass, threaten violence, or use hate speech against other users or community members.

Resolve Your Own Personal Disputes.

We encourage people to resolve their own personal disputes with other community members in a respectful, honest, and well-intentioned manner. In the interest of preserving an open, unbiased, and transparent community, the SuperRare Labs Team will not involve itself or weigh in on or resolve interpersonal disputes or disagreements, Twitter wars, or debates about art or cryptocurrency.

Not Give Power to Hate.

Do not promote, support, or glorify hateful or extremist ideologies, such as white supremacist or other terrorist groups. Do not use hate speech or symbols, like swastikas, the white power hand sign, racial slurs, or any other hateful factional or derisive signaling of any kind.

Respect Privacy.

Respect other people’s privacy and protect your own. Do not publicly share private or personally-identifying information. This includes, but is not limited to, personal contact details, contact addresses, and private correspondence, including private correspondence between you and the SuperRare Labs team.

Protect Your Keys.

Always protect your Ethereum private key and back it up somewhere offline. SuperRare Labs team members will never ask you for your private keys or any other personal info. If anyone asks you to send ETH or tokens, it's most likely a scam. Be smart and stay safe.

Respect the Artists.

The artists are the ones who make the magic happen, so be respectful to all SuperRare artists even if you are not a fan of their work. SuperRare community members are the new tastemakers of the digital art future, so it is completely fine (and encouraged!) to comment on or criticize SuperRare artists or artwork for the purpose of discussion. However, you should not publicly disparage or target a specific artist with the intention of interfering with his or her ability to sell works, promote artwork, or receive a fair price for a particular transaction.

Share, Link, and Provide Attribution.